If you want to volunteer is important that you read the following information .

What is the importance of a volunteer and who can volunteer ?

You can volunteer in Orphanage Mazatlan anyone with solidarity principles , basic training and will to develop something for the benefit of others.

In general we believe that the profile required to volunteer is:

Commitment to the work of the institution.
Passion and commitment to work within the institution .
A high degree of solidarity and interest in the service.
Disinterest receive financial rewards.
Our volunteers must be able and willing to apply their full potential in the development of activities where they will play .

They engage and share with commitment in the mission , vision and values ​​of the foundation. Their arrangement is totally selfless service and is keen to develop new skills and knowledge. The volunteer, is a professional and committed person even when he knows , knows and performs teamwork , can also develop independently efficiently .

What are the responsibilities of the volunteer ?

The moment a person accepts volunteer is committed to participate actively in our work , therefore , has the basic responsibility to work regularly so that their work will contribute effectively in achieving the objectives for improving or expand the boundaries of our mission.

In summary , the responsibilities of our volunteers are :

Fulfill the mission , objectives and policies of the organization.
Establish effective communication processes with others.
Develop your projects efficiently and achieve improvements in them.
Report to the Department well in advance of any change in the activities and / or the time allowed for the development of their activities.
Making a report or written report of the results of their activity.

What right have volunteers?

Receive information, training, guidance, support and materials necessary for the exercise of the functions assigned to them .
Being treated with respect
Being recognized for their daily work.
Working in an environment with appropriate health and safety conditions .
Have a space specifically designed to perform their duties if required .

He hands over an induction manual for volunteer work that contains the following:

Welcome Letter.
Mission, vision, goals and objectives of the institution .
Current services .
History of the institution in the community.
The role and / or importance of the volunteer within the institution .
Chart ( where the presence of volunteerism contemplated )
He makes a tour of the facilities .
Volunteer staff of each area which will briefly explain their daily work is presented.
Work plan is reviewed and takes control assists .
Must specify clearly the work plan in order to provide security to the volunteer.

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