What do we do?

The house is home to girls who have been abandoned or have received physical , sexual and emotional abuse , which we are channeled through the Public Ministry , DIF , the Attorney for the Defense of Children or other shelter. Asking the Public Ministry to carry out the demands to release the child from the custody of their parents , leaving them able to be integrated into a foster home , temporarily or permanently with pathways to adoption.

Our organization serves young children under age four to twelve and girls looking for their needs:

PHYSICAL : Giving shelter, clothing and food, for which you have agreements with some food companies , and receive support from foundations that give us food donations .

EDUCATION : Seeking the best alternative for them according to their age and intellect receiving support from schools in the locality .

PSYCHOLOGICAL : We have a team of specialists who advise us in the area of ​​psychiatry, neurology and psychology that are responsible for providing adequate attention to each child as appropriate .

DOCTOR: They were making a medical assessment on admission to know their health status , medical and dental for each of them , with the help of medical experts from the locality control is .

SPIRITUAL : Using voluntary training are imparted spiritual seeking an encounter with God and bra as a source of peace and love in their lives.

EMOTIONAL : By the nature of the class of children who attended is one of the primary needs of these girls , which cover , giving attention, respect and love, caring people who are in their care are adequate.

RECREATION : They are encouraged to practice sports or develop some discipline in your school, we have volunteers who teach crafts , painting workshops , dance and literature or just playing with them, in addition to recreational rides out to different places in the city ​​.

We have established rules in order to set standards of conduct and guidelines that help to have better living conditions, facilitate coexistence and promote harmony , order and righteousness in living, thus promoting healthy and balanced development of its personality during the time they are with us.

Seek formal lifestyle through a family atmosphere to have values ​​and useful tools to succeed at any level.

People make them mind, body and healthy spirit , capabilities , human qualities and virtues that enable them to become productive , fulfilling and useful for society enabling them to achieve independence and autonomy upon reaching his majority people.

Throughout these 77 years Orphanage Mazatlan. IAP has returned to the productive and accountable society with some very high level of professionalism , follow other religious vocation surrendering to serve others through their religion. Many of them have been returned to their parents who have checking be suitable to cover all the needs of their children.

Others have been adopted thereby obtaining a lifetime chance of harmonious growth in the environment of a familia.Orfanatorio Mazatlan IAP provides a better chance of life by returning these children have human rights that all people, by virtue of our humanity common , to live a life of freedom and essential for the development of the individual in society dignity.