Who we are?

Mazatlan Orphanage is the oldest in the state of Sinaloa Civil Association. Since the early twentieth century, seeing the misery of orphans who lost their parents to the plague, Romanita DE LA PEÑA undertook to make a house Mazatlan count on Home, was crowned the taskDecember 18, 1927, when this institution was opened for the benefit of children who had no home. From 1927 -1958 period in which Romanita was in charge of the Rock, which died on February 20, 1958, at the age of 81. Who is known as the precursor of charity in Mazatlan. The July 30, 2003 change of Civil Association (AC) to Private Assistance Institution (IAP) thereby has greatly benefited originates.


Founded in 1927, Orphanage Mazatlan is a private assistance institution that maintains the altruistic nature taking its origin as:


Providing comprehensive assistance and protection to children abandoned, abused and / or abused through an assistance program, education and training seeking their positive integration into society.


Self-sustaining charitable institution acting as an agent of change in our society.


Being a temporary or permanent foster home for children at risk, developing in them skills and qualities that enable them to achieve independence and autonomy to reach his majority and integrate into society in a positive way.


☻ Love

☻ Respect

☻ Honesty

☻ Generosity

☻ Integrity



In the early twentieth century, many children lost their parents due to an outbreak of bubonic plague is believed , came from a ship whose crew came infected and infecting Mazatlecan the community during their stay in the harbor, but unfortunately , not had a place to provide care for children who lost their parents due to the disease.

Fortunately , there was a woman who was determined to help children in such unfortunate living conditions, a woman who decided to join forces with the community mazatleca to meet the needs of these children homeless and lacking the love provided by their parents natural , these needs would be covered in what years later would become the Orphanage Mazatlan.

Romanita de la Peña started its activities for the benefit of the community when he was only 15 years old , entering into the ladies of the social elite of Mazatlan, ladies who had a great influence and financial support that allowed them to be responsible construction and establishment of the clinic San Vicente, place that eventually became the Hogar San Pablo .

These achievements were not enough for her, which caused that after the arrival of bubonic plague society ladies led Romanita put to work to meet the needs of children affected . Thus they decided to raise money in different ways to create to achieve your goal , it’s that , that with capital raised from different social events , support Gold Gen. Canedo , the donation of land by Mr. Germán Evers and the supervision of the architect Baltasar Inzunza , the dream came true on December 18, 1927 .